What is the Turnaround time for my Grille?
Typically 2 weeks depending on variables such as custom paint or color matched Bolts.


Can I design my own LED configuration ?
Yes anything is possible just need to make sure the backspacing is there for the LEDS.  Some trucks have tons of room. Some have None.


What type of LEDS does RMT use?
Durable and extremely bright CREE LEDS.  That we use on our own Trucks.  We can also provide the grille with mounting tabs for RIGID LEDS or any other LEDS you may already have.


How long is shipping? How much?
Shipping usually takes 3 to 4 days depending on your location and cost anywhere from $45-$75 depending on weight. Extra charge for international shipping.


Is installation hard?
Some installations are easy and can be done around the house. Some will require expertise and possibly a body shop.  


Installation instructions are step-by-step YouTube videos that can be found HERE or search for RaceMesh Trucks on YouTube.